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How our diagnostic test works

By taking the IELTS diagnostic test you will

  • Get familiarized with IELTS test structure.
  • Get to know your current level.
  • Get to know your strong and weak areas.
  • Get customised preparation path created just for YOU!
  • Get customised practice sets to target weak areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 How is Fountainhead Prep (FHP) different from competitors?

The biggest difference between Fountainhead Prep and our competitors is our commitment to providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for customers through our product offerings. A lot of test prep companies provide products but without any end result, we at Fountainhead focus on individual need & progress through our recommendations/guidance using our product/services and also by offerings extensive evaluation, not limited to one-on-one feedback sessions.

In addition, our approach to developing test content and our evaluation techniques differentiate us from other company offerings. Our curriculum is based on sole objective of helping our customer achieve actual results through real time experiences, not mere short term solutions.

Our offerings provide a comprehensive view and knowledge – we want to ensure that our customers have a thorough understanding of how the test works before you sit down to take it on test day.

2 What makes your offerings unique?

Our offerings provide customer/student a wide range of choices to select tests and progress based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Our test content (developed by the experts working in the field of coaching/teaching) and evaluation (in-depth analysis with individual focused feedback), can be easily described as the best in the industry.

We make sure that all of our customers have

  • A. Dashboard view to assess your current ability stage
  • B. Post evaluation
    • a. Identification of areas of Strength and Improvement
    • b. Product recommendations/ offerings
  • C. Option of expert evaluation
  • D. Unlimited access for our Prime* Customers
3 Can I try out your program(s) for free?

Yes! Every individual registering with us can avail the Free Diagnostics Test available on the web portal. This diagnostic test enables you to simulate your performance in the selected test similar to the actual test.

Please note that diagnostics test is only a mock simulation of the actual test and does not guarantee you a complete knowledge of the actual test. However, we recommend signing up for diagnostic test evaluation, which helps better understand your areas of strengths and improvements and an insight into our complete set of offerings to help you improve results in actual test.

4 I forgot my username and password. How can I retrieve this information?

You may reset your password here. You will simply need to enter in the email address associated with your account, and a link to reset your password will be sent to you on email. On clicking on the link, you may change the password to whatever you like. Your username should be the full email address that you entered in when you signed up.

If you do not remember the email address you used or for some other assistance, please contact us at or 91-9742588788.

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