About FountainHead Prep

1 How is Fountainhead Prep (FHP) different from competitors?

The biggest difference between Fountainhead Prep and our competitors is our commitment to providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for students through our product offerings. A lot of test prep companies provide products but without any end result, we at Fountainhead Prep focus on student need & help progress through our recommendations/guidance using our product/services. We also offer extensive evaluation, not limited to one-on-one feedback sessions.

In addition, our approach to developing test content and our evaluation techniques differentiate us from other company offerings. Our curriculum is based on sole objective of helping our customer achieve actual results through real time experiences, not mere short term solutions.

Our offerings provide a comprehensive view and knowledge – we want to ensure that our students have a thorough understanding of how the test works before you sit down to take it on actual test day.

2 What makes your offerings unique?

Our offerings provide customer/student a wide range of choices to select tests and progress based on student strengths and weaknesses. Our test content (developed by the experts working in the field of coaching/teaching) and evaluation (in-depth analysis with student focused feedback), can be easily described as the best in the industry.

We make sure that all of our students have

  • Dashboard view to assess your current ability stage
  • Post evaluation
    1. Identification of areas of Strength and Improvement
    2. Product recommendations/ offerings
  • Option of expert evaluation
  • Unlimited access to our services/offerings for our students

3 Can I try out any of your offering(s) for free?

Yes as of now every student registering with us can avail the Free PTE Diagnostics Test available on the web portal. This diagnostic test enables you to simulate your performance in the selected test similar to the actual PTE test.

Please note that diagnostics test is only a mock simulation of the actual test and does not guarantee you a complete knowledge of the actual test. However, we recommend signing up for diagnostic test evaluation, which helps better understand your areas of strengths and improvements and provide you an insight into our complete set of offerings to help you improve results in actual test.

4 How can I stay in touch with Fountainhead Prep for upcoming offers?

Stay in touch and check upcoming offers

Our Programs

1 What programs do you offer?

We have a number of different options with varying price points and timelines. Currently available are PTE and IELTS, which are anytime, anywhere, assessable courses with focused to-the-point evaluation by our experts.

We also offer self assessment options, as well as different one-on-one expert evaluation option. If you are interested in a certain test, we recommend looking as those specific choices — under PTE and IELTS service tabs. If you’re interested in any other test preparation, please email team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788.

2 How to become a Premium User?

You can become a Premium User today by purchasing any of our listed offers on Website/App or Social Media platform/s. As a Premium User, you get access to 250+ sectional tests and 12 Full Length Tests, video feedback for all evaluation attempts, 1-on-1 sessions with PTE experts, Live PTE classes, email/whatapp support and weekly progress tracker (as per your package). In addition, your PTE Diagnostic Test attempt will be evaluated for FREE.

An expert will typically require between 2-3 business days to complete for a normal evaluation. However, Premium users will receive evaluation within 4 -24 hours.

3 How can I achieve my PTE-A target score in minimum duration?

The time required for PTE-A preparation is depends on 3 factors mentioned below:

  • 1. Your current level of English and it can vary widely from individual to individual
  • 2. Your understanding of the PTE-A exam structure i.e. sections/ question types
  • 3. Your level of dedication i.e. practice time and improvement based on our expert’s feedback integration
  • For any individual registering with Fountainhead Prep for PTE-A exam preparation, we recommend them to attempt our free PTE Diagnostic Test. This first step is for you to understand the overall PTE-A exam structure and provides us with your current preparation level.

    From your attempt, we get details like your area of weakness/improvement and the type of mistakes you make in each section/question type. Once you apply for evaluation, our experts will be able to help you plan and prepare efficiently and also suggest you the best time for you to take the PTE-A exam.

    By completely following our expert’s advice and practicing on our online platform you will be surely able to achieve your target score in minimum duration.

4 Can you share some tips for achieving my target PTE-A score?

Before we can share any tips or give you any recommendations, we need to get details like your area of weakness/improvement and the type of mistakes you make in each section/question type.

Once you apply for evaluation, using your PTE Diagnostic test performance our experts will be able to help you plan and prepare efficiently and also suggest you the best time for you to take the PTE-A exam.

Hence, for anyone registering with Fountainhead Prep for PTE-A exam preparation, we recommend them to attempt our free PTE Diagnostic Test and apply for evaluation.

Please note, we do charge a small amount for PTE Diagnostic Test evaluation by our expert.

5 How can I use Fountainhead Prep platform for free?

Login to website using desktop/laptop or download our mobile app , to attempt PTE Diagnostic Test for free.

Additionally, our app offers you few free questions to practice in each section/question types. You can view your attempts for free, for all above mentioned features for self-evaluation.

Note, we charge a nominal amount for an expert evaluation of your Diagnostic Test attempt. After completing the diagnostic test, you can apply for evaluation.

6 How long before the actual exam day should one register with Fountainhead Prep? How do I register with FHP do the same?

We understand that each student is different and hence, it is important to understand their current preparation level before providing our recommendation for test day preparation.

First step to kick start any preparation is to attempt our Diagnostics Test. Post you attempt the diagnostics test you will be in a better position to understand the actual test layout and access your performance in each question type.

Furthermore, you can opt for an evaluation by an expert for a small price. This is the only platform where along with scores for each section and question type, the experts will call you and provide a personalized feedback on your test attempt.

Within 48 hours of you opting for evaluation, an expert from Fountainhead Prep will call you and provide you a complete feedback on your Diagnostic test. They will explain your performance in each question type; suggest areas of improvement and share a way forward for you prepare better for actual exam. This expert assessment will provide you a better understanding of your strengths, clear view of your areas of improvement and will help you build a strategy for actual exam preparation, based on which you will be able to finalize and schedule your actual test.

Please note, it is very important to get proper expert feedback as their might be some mistakes you may be inadvertently making and an outside an experienced view will help you catch them faster and ensure one doesn’t repeat same mistakes in the actual exam.

7 How can I select the best offer for me from various offerings?

Our recommendation for you while selecting an offering is to follow below steps:

  • Attempt PTE Diagnostic Test.
  • Apply for expert evaluation.
  • Consult our expert for advice.
  • Select the package at best price.

If you are interested in any of our offerings and have not spoken to our experts before, we advise you to write to us at team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788, to better understand each offering. Please note, for some of our offerings, it is highly recommended that you contact us before buying the offering to workout schedule and ensure better workflow.

8 How interactive is the online classes?

We use Zoom as our online platform, which is designed to replicate a complete classroom experience.

The software features:

  • VoIP connections, which allow students and instructors to communicate verbally.
  • Chat window, where you can ask questions on the go during the session. Messages can be sent to everyone or privately to instructor, who will respond to you during session.
  • Interactive Whiteboard that allows our instructor to share examples, sample problems and modify in real time.

If you would like to test out the online sessions for yourself, we recommend you to attend one of our upcoming Live Session. These sessions are totally free, and they’re a great way to get a sense of how we run our online sessions. To know details of the upcoming sessions you can follow us on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Page.

9 How much do your students improve after taking the course?

We believe that each student is different and joins us with an expected (required) target score. For example, a student may join us at the start of his or her preparation and improve score by a large margin. Another student might start off already scoring quite competitively, and reaching his or her target might only require a small increase in points. Both students see extremely positive results and reach their target scores as per set expectation.

Most of our students have seen similar positive results. However, if you're looking for specific feedback on how satisfied our students are with our offerings, please go through our Testimonials across forums.

10 What is PTE Diagnostic Test?

PTE Diagnostic Test is similar to an actual PTE-A exam. It is a complete 3 Hour duration exam designed to test an individual performance as in any PTE-A exam.

It consists of all 20 question types with actual PTE-A exam content (data provided by students with actual PTE-A exam experience).

11 How can PTE Diagnostic Test help me?

PTE Diagnostic Test provides you a real time experience of an actual PTE-A exam, with introduction to exam structure i.e. sections/ question types. It provides you with your current level of English and the need of improvement based on our expert’s feedback integration (Once you apply for evaluation).

Please note, we do charge a nominal amount for expert evaluation.

12 After attempting PTE Diagnostic Test for FREE, what do I gain by opting for paid evaluation?

Once you complete the test and apply for evaluation, our expert spends at least 45 minutes to go through your attempts. The expert will then schedule a 45-60 minutes one-on-one call (if required) with you and help you understand your current level in PTE, explain you the mistakes that you are making. Our expert will also tell you what you should or should not do in the real exam to score well.

You can attempt Diagnostic Test for FREE. Once you complete the test, you will get an option to apply for evaluation. You will be required to pay a nominal amount for expert evaluation.

13 How can expert evaluation of PTE Diagnostic Test Fountainhead Prep help me prepare for PTE-A exam?

After completing the PTE Diagnostic test, you can apply for expert evaluation. On completion of evaluation by our expert, you will see your ability level in each section (Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening) and your current level in all the 20 question types of PTE-A. Also, you will be able to see question specific feedback for Speaking and Writing sections, a feature that is highly rated by our test-takers.

In some special cases, where our expert feels that an oral feedback will help you prepare better, they will reach out to you and provide you a detailed feedback as well as specific instructions on what you should and shouldn’t in your actual PTE-A exam.

Do follow us on our various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and watch out for our upcoming offers from time-to-time.

14 Why is there a charge for PTE Diagnostics Test evaluation? Also, what is the charge for an evaluation by expert?

When evaluating your PTE Diagnostic test, an expert is required to go through each of your question attempt and provide you individual specific accurate feedback. In order to provide such individual specific feedback for a test-taker and fulfil test taker’s expectation, our experts will usually invest at least 90 minutes per test taker.

For this reason, FHP charges a nominal amount as expert evaluation fee. You can login to view the applicable evaluation charges.

Note - Post evaluation request is submitted, our expert requires between 2-3 business days to complete your evaluation. However, Premium users will receive evaluation within 4 -24 hours.

15 Where can I find the past session videos?

Selected Session videos are uploaded on YouTube for your learning and reference.Click on link mentioned below:

16 Do you offer any Self-Preparation package?

Yes, we do offer Self-Preparation packages with validity for a variable duration. Please visit our Website/App to register and select the package as per your requirement. Post payment, you will receive an email with details of the validity of your access across our platforms.

Please note, you can always opt for a paid evaluation for any of your attempts.

Technical Questions

1 I forgot my username and password. How can I retrieve this information?

You may reset your password here. You will simply need to enter in the email address associated with your account, and a link to reset your password will be sent to you on email. On clicking on the link, you may change the password to whatever you like. Your username should be the full email address that you entered in when you signed up. If you do not remember the email address you used or for some other assistance, please contact us at team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788.

2 How do I log into classes? (Online)

First, you will need to complete the Zoom Setup Process. The program takes about five minutes to set up, and is both Mac and PC compatible. We recommend completing the setup process well before the start of your first session (at least 24 hours in advance) to ensure that you are able to login smoothly. If you have any trouble setting up Zoom, please contact us at team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788. Please note that our Tech team is available between the hours of 11:00am – 5:30pm IST Monday – Thursday, and 11:00am – 3:00pm IST Friday – Sunday.

On the day of your session, click the Zoom link provided in your enrollment email. Please note that your access to the online classroom will be activated approximately one hour before the start of your first session; you will not be able to access to the session prior to this time.

3 How do I contact FHP Team in case of any technical issues/support/queries?

There are many ways to reach us for any support or queries.

  • Email us – You can email us your queries at team@fountainheadprep.com
  • Message us – You can WHATSAPP us your queries at +91- 9742588788
  • Website - Click on the Help button appearing at the bottom right corner of Fountainhead Prep homepage. Fill in the form and submit your query, our team will revert to you within 48 hours.
  • APP - Click on the Chat button appearing at the bottom right corner of PTE-APP. Submit your query, our team will revert to you at the earliest.

4 I am facing issue while trying to make payment, what should I do?

In case of any issues with mode of payment, we request you to immediately call us or message us (TEXT/WHATSAPP) at +91- 9742588788.

5 Which is the ideal device to be used for exam preparation- Desktop/Laptop or Mobile?

At Fountainhead Prep, we recommend you to always use Desktop/Laptop with a good quality headset while attempting Diagnostic Test or any Mock Test (which are similar to actual exam). This helps our experts to efficiently evaluate your performance and provide you feedback on your preparedness accordingly.

However, you can attempt different questions types individually based on our expert’s feedback as and when you get time on either Mobile or Desktop/Laptop.

Please note, for all Speaking section question type it is essential that recordings are done in completely noiseless environment for accurate assessment by our expert.


1 Can I retake an offering or package?

Yes! If you have taken an offering or package, you are eligible to take another offering or package. If you would like to retake an offering or package, additional fees may apply. To sign up for a retake or a new package at the discounted rate, please contact us at team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788.

2 What is your refund policy?

All payments made to Fountainhead Prep are nonrefundable. Due to the proprietary nature of our materials, our expert instructors, and our administrative costs, we are not able to provide refunds for any of our offerings. This applies to all or any purchases. Please note that refunds are not issued for missed sessions, course withdrawals, or unused coaching hours.

3 Do you have a score guarantee?

We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our experts, structure and materials, and we believe that you will see results if you put in the necessary time and effort. Most of your success in the test depends on the work you’re able to do both during and outside of sessions based on our expert’s feedback. So, we do not provide any score guarantees.

If you complete one of our sessions and you do not hit your target score on the actual exam, we do have additional support systems in place. In case of further queries you can contact us at team@fountainheadprep.com or 91-9742588788.

4 Can I give my friend the resources in my account?

All Fountainhead Prep resources are for your personal use only, and are non-transferable. Incase of any misuse your complete access will be terminated and blocked for future use.